Friday, 6 June 2008

Irish Property - Bursting The Bubble...

On UTV TV..."Bursting the Bubble...

Insight investigates falling housing prices in Northern Ireland...

A year after Insight warned that Northern Ireland was witnessing a bubble in the housing market, the programme returns to the subject.

Reporter Jamie Delargy explores what has been driving prices down. He talks to those in the construction industry, the removal business and estate agency world whose trade has been impacted by a drastic fall in the number of house sales.

One of the big banks here explains why they’ve had to tighten their lending criteria.

A home owner explains reveals how she feels about a thirty thousand pound drop in the value of her new home. And we hear about the developers who overpaid for land, some of how now risk going bust."

"Bursting the Bubble" Part 1:

"Bursting the Bubble" Part 2:

"Bursting the Bubble" Part 3:

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sunbeam said... has a Report:


EWI Study: European Housing on 'Crumbling Edge of Huge Cliff'

- which makes 'interesting' reading.

It is available 'free' in conjunction with a monthly subscription, but much of the web site is FREE, and one can join Club EWI Free.

I have found it both interesting - and useful, especially if you wish to learn about Elliott Wave analysis.

e-mail me if you wish any further comment.