Saturday, 10 September 2011

Buy A House & Get One Free!

Beat the recession: get two houses for price of one...

THERE was a time when you had to queue around the block to ensure you could buy a house in a new housing estate.

But now you can 'Buy One and Get One Free'.

An estate agent yesterday launched the novel offer on houses in Co Donegal -- with a price tag for both of €100,000.

Two sets of properties went on the market in Letterkenny and Milford at that price with a third set of semi-detached homes being offered for €120,000.

The house at No 28 Coopers Crest in Milford is a three-bedroom semi-detached home with a fitted kitchen, fireplace and a garden.

And anyone prepared to fork out €100,000 for the home will get No 29 absolutely free.

The same deal is on offer for four-bedroom semis No 41 and No 42 Gleann Rua in Letterkenny, with No 37 and No 38 slightly more expensive at €120,000.

Unlike other bargain sales of properties around the country in recent times, this sale comes with a good news story.

Estate agent Brendan McGlynn from said: "This isn't a ghost estate sale. In all cases, these are the last properties on these estates and the developer wants to get them sold so that the estates are finished."

Report by Greg Harkin - Irish Independent

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