Friday, 21 March 2008

Taoiseach Bertie Ahern & Mahon Tribunal News...

There is growing concern over the new evidence emerging, from the Mahon Tribunal, about large sums of sterling that were lodged into an account that Taoiseach Bertie Ahern had said was for his salary cheques.

According to today the Labour leader..."Eamon Gilmore said in a statement today that the tribunal hearings "raise yet more issues of profound seriousness for the Taoiseach".

"We now know that far from being on his financial uppers in the early 1990s, Mr Ahern's myriad of accounts in various financial institutions were awash with money. It now also seems beyond dispute that, despite repeated denials by Mr Ahern, a number of lodgements to his accounts were in sterling.

"It is now time for Brian Cowen and other senior figures to put loyalty to the country ahead of loyalty to their damaged party leader; it is time to bring this sorry saga to a conclusion, so that the Government and the Dáil can now concentrate on dealing with the huge social and economic problems facing us."

Fine Gael's Fergus O'Dowd said the conflicting the questions raised by the evidence yesterday and today must now be "addressed truthfully" by Mr Ahern.

"At a time when crime is rife on our streets, prices and unemployment are rising and tax revenue and house prices are falling, Mr Ahern's crumbling credibility and inability to deal properly with the issues raised at the tribunal is distracting the Government and damaging its capacity to act," Mr O'Dowd said in a statement."

We'll just have to wait and see how Ahern wiggles out of this one!

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Anonymous said...

Bertie's making a joke of the Tribunal. I saw today that he's going to say he had some of his salary cheques converted into sterling then changed back into punts then lodged in various accounts!!!