Sunday, 9 March 2008

Culture In Ireland - Disappearing Fast...

M3 Motorway protesters say that they are now in a tunnel, which was secretly dug, under the proposed road going through the Tara Valley in Co Meath.

According to

"A group calling itself the Rath Lugh Direct Action Camp last night said protesters are already occupying the tunnel and were capable of sealing themselves in. They said that construction traffic passing over the tunnel would leave it vulnerable to collapse.

Derek Berrill, a spokesman for the group which is affiliated to the Save Tara campaign, said the passageway was located in front of the Rath Luth promontory fort in the Gabhra Valley.

"It has been occupied since March 6th. We have moved in because we are never too sure when they plan the next move against us," said Mr Berrill.
He said that work had commenced on the tunnel in secret in August 2007. He would not specify its exact size. "I can say the tunnel is big, although I am not in a position to give the diameter," said Mr Berrill.

"It goes directly down and then goes halfway under the route itself, crossing about halfway across [the width of the proposed] motorway."

The protesters say they intend to occupy the tunnel indefinitely to prevent construction traffic from passing overhead."

This action may delay things slightly but, unfortunately, that's probably all.

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