Sunday, 20 July 2008

It's Gas...Apartments Not Selling In Dublin City...Gasworks!

The 210 apartments in the nine-storey Gasworks building, in Ringsend near Landstown - Dublin 4, have been vacant since they went on sale two years ago.

Developer Liam Carroll has since got the OK to convert the Gasworks apartments into a 520-bed hotel.

However local residents are saying "no" to the plans and have appealed the proposal. Their main concern seems to be they will have to pay for the upkeep of common areas - hotel guests will not etc.
The original promotion of the apartments, 2 years ago, by Hooke & Mac Donald mentioned:
...One of the most interesting and significant residential projects ever to be carried out in Dublin was launched on the market...

A familiar feature of the South Dublin skylinehas been transformed.

The striking metal cylinder of the former gasholder at Barrow Street creates a frame within which a stunning new nine storey block of large two bedroom apartments has been built.

The curves of the building complemented by its dramatic glass fa├žade, bring an historic site into the future with contemporary, groundbreaking design.

This cylindrical structure is the focal point of The Gasworks,an innovative residential development built around beautifully landscaped gardens in one of the city’s most desirable locations, adjacent to all the amenities of Ballsbridge and the South City.

Along with its impressive design, The Gasworks represents a total lifestyle change for residents who want tobe part of everything the city has to offer, but who like to find tranquillity in an urban setting – a superb opportunity for owner-occupiers and investors alike.
Well that was the theory anyhow!..There was no interest by buyers.
But what a unique building - I think it will make an excellent hotel!


Rory Smith said...

Yea super building - wouldn't mind visiting it for a few nights if is turned into the hotel!!!

Kevin said...

It would be very handy for the matches at Landstown :)