Saturday, 1 March 2008

The M3, BBC & Dublin's Sprawling Commuter Belt...

M3 Madness: The M3 motorway being built, by the Irish Government, in one of Ireland’s major historic areas has been condemned in a BBC documentary, Tar on Tara, by Seamus Heaney, The Nobel Laureate, and many others.

Crazy Property Prices: Due to crazy property prices in the Capital, Meath and Cavan is now home to thousands that commute to Dublin. The infrstructure has not kept up pace with this hideous urban sprawl - the only railway line is for freight only so commuters must rely on road transport. The current N3 has some of the worst traffic jams in Ireland!

Heritage Destroyed: A new road was needed but why choose the Tara Skreen valley? This is a place of huge historical and religious significance in Ireland for thousands of years.

Seamus Heaney on BBC: “I think it literally desecrates an area - I mean the word means to de-sacralise and for centuries the Tara landscape and the Tara sites have been regarded as part of the sacred ground"

Celtic Tiger Attacks: “It will be a sort of signal that the priorities on these islands have changed, I mean the Tiger is now lashing its tail and smashing its way through the harp - the strings of the harp are being lashed by the tail of the tiger,” Heaney said.

Tara Is Unique: “Tara means something equivalent to me to what Delphi means to the Greeks or maybe Stonehenge to an English person or Nara in Japan, which is one of the most famous sites in the world,” Heaney added.

Illegal: The EU Commission may take legal action against the Irish government which gave itself permission, in 2004, to destroy features or areas of archaeological importance classified as national monuments if in the national interest???! (Sad but true.)

Road To Nowhere: It's not likely that any action at this stage will stop the road as it well underway at this stage, by Irish and Spanish joint venture SIAC Ferrovial. It is expected to be completed by 2010.

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