Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Tara, Rath Lugh, Irish Independent...

The battle continues over the M3, (being built due to Dublin's sprawling Commuter belt, as I mentioned in a previous post on March 1, 2008 "The M3, BBC & Dublin's Sprawling Commuter Belt..." )

Today according the

..."the The war of words continued yesterday between protesters, who have occupied tunnels they secretly made beside the Rath Lugh protected monument, and the National Roads Authority.

The Save Tara campaign group said yesterday that a young woman has vowed to seal herself into one of the tunnels to protect the hill, which is studded with ancient earthworks...

"There are specialist tunnel rescue crews that need to be consulted before any attempt is made to end this protest," said the group."

The protesters have also previously that stated that they have enough food in the tunnels for months.

The M3 motorway which has, so far, been delayed for years is costing a whopping €1billion!

An expensive price tag to destroy an amazing part of Ireland's culture.

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