Saturday, 5 April 2008

Dublin Homes For Sale - Free Car Thrown In!

Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble...

With the major slow down in house sales, in Ireland, sellers are starting to get a bit creative:

I see that houses in the Alderwood development at Hollystown, in Dublin 15, come with a free Volvo C30 Car!

The houses, priced from a mere €480,000, are being promoted by McPeake Auctioneers who say:

..."we are delighted to announce that purchasers will receive a brand new stylish C30 Volvo car with their new home. The Volvo C30 is a flexi-fuel luxury car and is the smarter choice for the environment making it the perfect inclusion in a new life style choice..."

Makes you wonder what's being promoted - the houses or the car?

So what if everyone in the development has the same type of car, might look a bit odd alright, but would anyone buy a house in the first place just because they were getting a free car thrown in???!


Anonymous said...

The houses are way overpriced for Dublin 15 -


Sue said...

All the same cars on the road?

No thanks.

Anonymous said...

What if you don't like the Volvo C30 car?

There should be a choice of car.

Jane Kelly

Anonymous said...

The houses are overpriced - so the car's not free!

They probably just added the cars cost (and a bit extra) to the original cost of the houses.

Still I suppose there will be some buyers fooled by the whole thing. Idiots.


Pat said...

Can you choose the car's colour or are they all going to be the same?

Same houses, same kitchens, same wardrobes, same cars, etc etc

What ever happened to originality?