Thursday, 17 July 2008

U2, UFO's & Vertigo Live At Clarence Hotel Dublin!

Plan to redevelop Clarence Hotel approved...

An ambitious plan to redevelop the Clarence Hotel on Dublin’s Wellington Quay has been approved by An Bord Pleanála.

The scheme, devised by architect Norman Fosteer, involves demolishing the hotel and adjoining buildings on the quay, retaining their façades and constructing a much larger hotel arranged around a dramatic atrium and topped by a flying saucer-style roof.

The owners of the hotel, who include U2's Bono and the Edge, welcomed the Bord’s decision in a statement this afternoon.

“We are delighted that An Bord Pleanala has given us the green light for Norman Foster's design for The Clarence. …We believe it's great news for Dublin and for Temple Bar in particular, where we've been working for over 20 years and where a hotel has been trading on The Clarence site for 177 years," it said.

The Department of the Environment, Local Government and Heritage had objected to the scheme, saying it could set a precedent for demolishing protected buildings in other areas of the city.

While existing legislation allows for the demolition of protected structures in exceptional circumstances, the Department argued that the scheme was not of such architectural merit as to meet the exceptional circumstances stipulation laid down by the legislation.


Should be great!

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The Galway Tent. said...

"[Bono] undermines ]...[ the basis of the city's attractiveness for tourists".
Bord Pleanala Inspector.
Before Execution.

The Purple & The Pinstripe.

The purple and the pinstripe
Mutely shake their heads

A silence shrieking volumes
A violence worse than the condemn

Stab you in the back yeah
Laughing in your face

Glad to see the place again
It's a pity nothing's changed


Four Seasons - The Ice Bar - Brickie Section.

Did you hear the honorable executive board of Bord Pleanala only enters The Clarence using the Revolving Doors? These days Billy Gates can't get a job 'cause the band ain't hiring. But as for friends of An Bord Pleanala'a executive board .... ?

This time the Clarence's bouncer, from the northside abandoned by Bono, tore off the head of the Bord Pleanala Inspector and then pissed down his neck. The little schijt had said His Holiness Bono and Monsignor The Edge would destroy Georgian Dublin with their hotel thing.

Holiness Bono is the true saint, not Geldof.
Saint Bob only sings about The Banana Republic and The Rats, and that was 1978.
Bono truly embodies the The Banana Republic and The Rats.